Mission & Strategic Plan

Our Mission

The Center for Women in Law is a national resource and champion for women lawyers, generating lasting change within the legal profession.


The legal profession exemplifies equality and justice for all.

Core Values

  • Community. We strive to build a welcoming community to support each other, our shared mission, and our different paths. Our community is accepting and supportive.
  • Integrity. We are driven to uphold the highest standards of our profession.
  • Information.  Information is power.  We believe in empowering and educating women attorneys with the tools to advance their careers.
  • Influence. Powerful women advocate for equality and address biases and stereotypes.  Our influence will change the profession.
  • Investment. We are committed to investing in future generations of women lawyers.

Strategic Objectives

We achieve the Center’s mission by convening leaders, generating ideas, and leading change.

  • We are an impetus for systemic change in the legal profession.
  • We support multiple paths to success for women pursuing legal careers at all levels.
  • We empower and encourage women lawyers to confidently build, navigate, and advance their careers.
  • We celebrate the strength of individuals and the power of community to change the legal field.
  • We build relationships and networks to support women lawyers, because we are stronger together.
  • We cultivate a pipeline of advocates.


The Center will measure its overall impact by assessing metrics tied to its core values.

While each program will have its own metrics for success, it is important to keep our sights on the Center’s priorities and strategic objectives.

To measure the Center’s overall progress, we will measure these key indicators that reflect our core values, engagement, and impact:


  • Do we have adequate outreach to stakeholders?
  • Do our participants come from different practices and careers, different backgrounds, and different geographic areas?


  • The Center will track and advance important measures of success in the legal profession.
  • With humility, we recognize that our vision will not be realized by our actions alone.


  • Is the Center engaging with an increasing number of participants?
  • Are participants continuing to interact with the Center over the course of their careers?


  • After engaging with the Center, do our participants report an increased commitment to our mission?
  • Are they more equipped to advance their careers?
  • Do they take action to support our vision for an equal and just legal profession?


  • Do Center participants give back to support our mission?
  • Do they become donors, mentors, and advocates?


To advance our strategic objectives, the Center will undertake a number of initiatives to increase engagement and advance our Mission:

  • Increase outreach to all stakeholders.
  • Create new programming aimed at mid-career professionals.
  • Develop programming to highlight multiple career pathways and successful role models.
  • Deepen partnerships to amplify our impact.
  • Develop and maintain robust database to enhance network of supporters.
  • Create new opportunities for giving and volunteering.


The Center for Women in Law is a national resource and champion for women lawyers, generating lasting change within the legal profession. We are committed to a legal profession that genuinely embraces equality and justice for all. Community, integrity, information, influence, and investment breathe life into our mission and are the guiding principles that formulate our strategic objectives and ongoing work plan. We use our strategic objectives to prioritize the work we do and the programs we offer.

We invite you to join us in our mission.