Ginsburg Circle

The Center for Women in Law launched the Ginsburg Initiative in 2021 to honor the legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Marty Ginsburg. Their partnership was a true commitment to gender equality and serves as an example for us all. The Initiative advances gender-neutral policies that support systemic change in the legal profession, such as best practices around work assignments, performance expectations, parental leave, and transparency in career development.

The Ginsburg Circle consists of donors making gifts of $5,000, $2,500, or $1,000 to support the initiative.

Join the Ginsburg Circle with your gift of $1,000 or more 

Your gift supports the Center's programs and initiatives:

  • Ginsburg Initiative webinars and discussions
  • Creation of a public resource vault on best practices for organizations
  • Sharing of workforce innovations and new research
  • Professional and leadership development to promote gender equality
Ginsburg Circle Supporters


Kit Addleman

Stacy Alexander

Emily Jung Ayers

Jennifer Ayers

Michelle Banks

Kellie Bobo

Linda Broocks

Carrie Cappel

Meredith Chambers

Kristine Cherek

Lori Cohen

Andrea D'Ambra

Laura Hansen Dean

Patricia Dennis

Lisa Dyar

Lisa Atlas Genecov

Marcy Greer

The Grant Family Fund

Juanita Harris

Romy Horn

Cisselon Nichols Hurd

Kathleen Lake

Vicki Land

Janis Loegering

Scarlet McNellie

Kevin Meek

Maggie Murphy

Sandra Phillips Rogers

Ramona Romero

The Hon. Jan Soifer

Amy Stewart

Kristi Stotts

Mary Young

Elizabeth Zimmer